Errol Spence Brutally Self Honest About Troubles Since Car Accident

Errol Spence knows a thing or two about fighting and its various facets across the board.

Part of which is not only knowing one’s strengths but also one’s weaknesses.

Then having the humility to work on them throughout the course of a career and indeed life time.

It takes strength.

Most do not want to acknowledge their faults or weaknesses.

The best fighters always do though.

Today Errol Spence is still regarded as one of the premier fighters in the sport pound for pound but only last year it was nearly all taken away.

Not long after a tough points win over Shawn Porter, Spence was involved in a high speed car crash.

One where he was ejected from his Ferrari in devastating fashion.

He walked away with minimal damage in the grand scheme of things, somehow.

Miraculously and only by the grace of God.

He now readies himself for his next fight in November against Danny Garcia for his comeback fight.

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Not exactly a light touch for a return fight.

In the early run up he has decided to be very open with people about what happened before his accident:

The devil makes time for idle hands springs to mind on the latter.

On the former, it just goes to show how important it is for fighters to stay in the gym.

Year round.

Even if it’s just going into the gym, home gym or a jog every day.

It is so crucial for a fighter. As essential as breathing air I would suggest.

Fair play to Spence for the above honesty.

Keeping it simple for him needs to be key moving forward.

Some have suggested that the fight with Danny Garcia next November is too early.

Only Spence and his close inner circle will know if it is or not.

I’m sure they believe it is not given the fact they are going ahead with it in fairness.

Roll on what should be an awesome fight.

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