People Debating Mike Tyson Chuck Liddell Street Fight After Iceman’s Bold Remark

People Debating Mike Tyson Chuck Liddell Street Fight After Iceman's Bold Remark

In a bit of odd news this week invloving two legends of combat sports, boxing legend Mike Tyson and MMA legend Chuck Liddell’s names have been brought together.

Former UFC champion Liddell claimed that he would beat Tyson in a fight on the streets if their paths were to cross.

Obviously a mythical match up — it seems to have still gotten a lot of fight fans talking.

Boxing fans tending to back their guy in Tyson and MMA — with UFC fans tending to back their man in Liddell.

Here’s what people are saying about it at the moment:

Liddell last fought against Tito Ortiz in an MMA match where he was knocked out quickly.

Tyson has been retired from boxing for many years at this point.

Recently however this video of a 53-year-old Tyson emerged and went viral, showing him still possessing quite a bit of speed:

Certainly, Tyson even at his age would be a handful for anyone in a street fight.

Of course, we’re not going to see it happen with him and Liddell anytime soon but that hasn’t stopped fight fans debating it in their droves.