Watch: Andy Ruiz Nearly Knocks Out Trainer By Accident On The Pads

Heavyweight champ Andy Ruiz Jr is deep in preparation for his rematch with Anthony Joshua next month in Saudi Arabia.

Both he and Joshua have both noticeably trimmed down for the fight in terms of weight loss.

Showing how deadly serious both boxers are taking the rematch following their first bout earlier this year in New York where Ruiz shocked the word.

Speed kills.

In fact, it almost had a very literal meaning for Ruiz’ pad man this week in the gym:

A close call there.

With the significant weight loss Ruiz has achieved this camp it will be interesting to see how much more speed he will have.

Ruiz has always been a big guy in his career but that’s never compromised his mobility or cardio in the ring.

If anything, the added weight loss will only make him a more efficient heavyweight.

The same can be said for Joshua too, mind you.

Joshua took time out of his training camp this week to help this young lady in a clip on Instagram that is really blowing up at the moment:

The rematch between Joshua and Ruiz takes place on December 7th in Saudi Arabia.

The first time a major world title fight has been staged there.