Boxing promoter turned now MMA promoter as well, Oscar De La Hoya staged his first fully fledged MMA pay per view event on Saturday night between UFC legends Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz — all be it at the age of 48 and 43 respectively.

For anyone who grew up watching the UFC as a kid you’ll remember the days when Chuck ‘The Iceman’ Liddell was considered one of the best knockout artists in mixed martial arts.

Indeed, he knocked out Ortiz twice back in the day but last night in California a mere shell of Liddell existed at age 48 — as he was knocked out with a standard right hand from close quarters:

Former boxing world champion and now promoter De La Hoya reacted with the following on Instagram:

It would appear that Oscar intends on carrying on his venture into the world of MMA while also continuing to promote the sport of boxing.

Recently De La Hoya promoted fighter Canelo Alvarez signed a huge $365 million deal with streaming service DAZN for his next eleven fights over the next five years.

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