New Floyd Mayweather Workout Video Shows Him Passing On Training Secrets

New Floyd Mayweather Workout Video Shows Him Passing On Training Secrets

Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather well and truly looks like he is done with the sport of boxing as an active fighter these days.

Despite his teases of a comeback in recent years, specifically a rematch with one Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather does appear to be retired in fairness.

That doesn’t stop him from getting to the gym regularly however as he clearly looks still in shape and most likely would still give a lot of top welterweights out there plenty of problems.

This latest Floyd Mayweather workout video on his official Instagram page shows that he is now looking more and more at coaching in the sport.

Sharing some of his technical secrets and giving pointers on how to throw the correct punches, at the correct time, while always being aware of distance control:

Distance and timing to perfection.

Short punches and bringing your punching hand straight back after throwing and sliding out side to side.

Still very smooth transitioning and clearly a man who could pass on an awful lot of knowledge to the next generation of fighters.

Although Mayweather is a promoter these days the above shows more and more that perhaps he could also consider becoming a trainer in the sport one day.

Indeed, the Floyd Mayweather training routine is one of legend.

It would only make sense for him to pass it on to the next generation of up and coming fighters.