The Inhuman 40 Round Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

Floyd Mayweather training routine

The almost insane Floyd Mayweather training routine is one of legend. Certainly not for the fainthearted.

The Floyd Mayweather training routine is only to be attempted with extreme caution. However, if you are brave enough attempt it – let’s break it down in full.

We have gathered the following workout from mainly watching Floyd’s open sessions in preparation for the Canelo Alvarez, his first Marcos Maidana fight and their rematch, to give you a taste of the unbelievable work ethic this man has.

Speculation still exists in 2017 that Mayweather will make a comeback, or even possibly fight the UFC’s Conor McGregor.

If he does, expect him to employ this rigorous workout regime.

Our breakdown and comprehensive analysis of the Floyd Mayweather training routine is taken from studying workouts available on YouTube.

Not your typical regime

Although Floyd doesn’t train traditionally like an average boxer with the three minute rounds separated by a break, I have broken down his workout in a way for you to take what he does in training and apply it to your own, more normalized boxing routine.

This is not the full Floyd Mayweather training experience, as there is no sparring or roadwork in this exercise, but it’s still more intense than most boxers are completing day to day.

Floyd will usually do this three times a day when fight camp is on.

So try it out and feel free to let me know in the comments how much you like this.

(Floyd will often go with no timer and just punch until it is time to move on to the next exercise. For the lesser dedicated of us, we will use a round timer set at 3 minutes with a 30 second rest).

Equipment Required

  • 3, 5 and 8 pound hand weights.
  • Skipping Rope
  • Ankle Weights
  • Neck Harness
  • Ab-roll wheel
  • Wraps
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Heavy bag
  • Body Pad
  • Hand Pads
  • Speed Bag
  • Coach

Rounds 1-3: Shadow Boxing

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

Starting off in the Floyd Mayweather training routine, we will go for three rounds of shadow boxing, practicing footwork, practicing punching, movement, stance, speed and technique.

This is how we get ourselves in the mood to get going hard, and how we warm up our body to help prepare it for the grueling workout that’s about to get underway.

You can use weights after the second round but spend at least two rounds just practicing your form.

Whichever you prefer.

Then, you can catch Floyd Mayweather training for around 10 minutes just doing simple shadow boxing to get himself warmed up.

Rounds 3-7: Hand Pads

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

Next up in the Floyd Mayweather training routine – now this is where Floyd enlists the help of his uncle Roger. Floyd spends ten or fifteen minutes hitting hand pads with Roger.

When the Mayweathers are training, you don’t hear numbers being called out like you probably do in your gym.

Instead Floyd and Roger work in silence, hitting hand pads and working on combinations and speed.

Since Roger is starting to get a little older, he can’t really keep up with his nephew.

Once this happens, Floyd calls in one of his big buddies.

Rounds 8-10: Body Pad

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

Here is where Big Nate, co-trainer for the Money Team comes in wearing a body pad.

Floyd practices his short jabs, right hands, his hooks and his uppercuts.

Floyd will spend around 10 minutes working with Nate on this.

Nate will try to walk Floyd down to try to put him on the back foot.

Round 11-14: Heavy Bag

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

“Money” will then head over to his heavy bag which is 160 pounds and he will practice combinations on this for approximately 12-15 minutes.

We have set you here to do 4 rounds of heavy bag work.

You can practice your combinations and hooks here. Focus on speed and proper technique when practicing here.

When throwing your punches, always remember to turn your body through the shot and turn your hand over at the moment of impact.

Rounds 15-18: Hand Pads

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

At this point around halfway through the Floyd Mayweather training routine – world famous trainer Roger Mayweather has caught his breath and nephew Floyd will continue training with him for the next 10-15 minutes.

They will work on combinations and slips & weaves.

Again, this is some high level boxing craft that Roger and Floyd carry out in silence.

You and your coach may need to practice by calling out numbers.

With your coach holding hand pads, this will be a good time for you to practice your slips and weaves, mixed in with your punching technique.

Rounds 19-21: Body Pad  

Roger has surely gotten tired by now and Floyd will train with Big Nate wearing the body pad again.

If you don’t have a 350-pound man on your pay roll ,you can always substitute this body pad with heavy bag work.

Just make sure you are focused mainly on your body shots for these three rounds.

Whipping in those body shots will really work your core muscle group.

Rounds 22-23: Heavy Bag

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

Floyd will transfer over to the Heavy bag for some hardcore endurance work.

This is where you need to be doing ten 1-2’s in a row, then try to do ten left right hooks, then ten left right uppercuts.

Do this for a full round and take a breather, then do it again for the next round.

Make sure you’re punching and don’t worry too much about throwing properly, just constantly be throwing for the full round.

Rounds 24-26: Hand Pads

Floyd will train with Roger again here, in an undisturbed rhythm that is the envy of boxers and trainers the world over.

He will practice speed and not power with Roger at this point.

You can use this as a time for you to work on your technique – while you’re exhausted!

Rounds 27-29: Speed bag

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

Floyd Mayweather will now usually continue his training by removing his gloves and heading over to the speed bag.

Head over there and go for three rounds.

You should be feeling fairly fatigued at this point, but keep going.

Round 30-31: Jump Rope

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

Grab yourself a jump rope and spend three rounds skipping.

Don’t just do the simple skipping though, if you want to train like Floyd Mayweather, you have to be hammering out double jumps, crisscrossing, everything all together.

This is some major work you’re putting in, this isn’t jump rope for heart. You should be sweating – a lot.

Round 32: Weighted Jump Ropes

Strap on some 3 or 5 pound weights to your ankles and get to skipping again.

Stay disciplined here and get the sweat rolling.

You’ll probably want to fall on the ground from exhaustion at this point, stay focused as you come down the home stretch.

Rounds 33-35: Weighted Shadow Boxing

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

Floyd alternates between 8, 5 and 3 pound weights for his weighted shadow boxing.

He does 1-2’s, alternating shoulder press, and hooks and uppercuts.

A good thing for people like you to do would be to start with eight-pound weights, do 1-2’s for as long as you can, then when you can’t do anymore, just throw hooks and uppercuts.

Next round, if you can’t do anymore, switch to five pound weights, and for the third round.

If you absolutely can’t do anymore with the fives, you can go down to three pound dumb bells.

Rounds 36-37 : Abs

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

First round do 50 ab roll-outs. Then do 200 Sit-ups.

Do this for two rounds.

You’ll really feel the burn with these but don’t lose faith, you are nearly there.

Rounds 38-39: Weighted Neck

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

Attach the neck harness and do up and down neck raises with 25 pounds attached to your harness.

Raise 50 times, then take a break. Do this for between 3-6 sets in total.

This will give you added strength in your neck, that if your a boxer, comes in extremely useful when trying to absorb punishing blows to the head.

Finishing Up

Do three sets of fifty push-ups to finish up the workout.

There you go, a training session fit for a pound for pound best boxer in the world – the complete 40 round Floyd Mayweather training routine in the boxing gym.

It is certainly not your everyday work out and not one for faint hearts but if you can make it through this session.

Let us know how it went for you.