Floyd Mayweather Reveals His Plan For Manny Pacquiao In Tokyo

Floyd Mayweather Reveals His Plan For Manny Pacquiao In Tokyo

While Floyd Mayweather might well be retired from the sport of boxing as an active fighter, Floyd Mayweather the businessman is allegedly working on getting together with old rival Manny Pacquiao in a type of exhibition.

Indeed, Mayweather recently was shown to be in decent condition in his boxing gym and with Manny Pacquiao returning to form in the ring in recent years, it would appear there is simply too much money involved for the two not to get together and do something.

What that is exactly is unclear just yet but suffice to say, judging from this from Manny Pacquiao on Instagram a short time ago and what Floyd has now revealed — the two are definitely up to something:

Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube:

Precedence exists for this type of Asian combative en-devour with a little under twelve months ago when Floyd partook in an exhibition in Tokyo on New Year’s Eve.

Similarly, he didn’t plan anything too much in advance at that time and just announced all of a sudden that he was taking on a kick boxer in a boxing exhibition.

One in which he won in the very first round.

With entertainment driving the modern boxing landscape more so than ever before, this type of adventurous promoting by both the Filipino and American boxing legends seems likely to ramp up in the coming weeks.

When the two did fight for real back in May 2015 Mayweather won a comfortable points decision in what ultimately proved to be a bit of an anti-climax.

One suspects that the pair will try to do something once again together to try to make up for that particular bout.