Golovkin Split With Trainer Proves An Old Saying In Boxing To Be True

Golovkin Split With Trainer Proves An Old Saying In Boxing To Be True

It has now been confirmed that middleweight knockout artist and former champion Gennady Golovkin has split with long time trainer Abel Sanchez.

The pair had an enormous amount of success over the years training in Big Bear, California but like all good things — they come to an end unfortunately.

It is thought that Sanchez was not happy with the offer proposed by Golovkin to retain his training services as the tail end of his boxing career approaches.

A very strange turn of events as Golovkin always seemed like a very fair guy.

Reportedly Sanchez was looking at an almost 75% pay cut to stay on with him.

As the well known British boxing promoter Micky Duff once said:

“If you wan’t loyalty in boxing get a dog.”

Business is business at the end of the day and when it comes to boxing — there’s no more ruthless business on this planet.

Well, within Western capitalism and Western society anyway.

The term ‘protect yourself at all times’ inside the ring can be applied to it outside of the squared circle in the sport too.

You meet some of the best people you’ll ever meet in boxing but for sure you’ll meet some of the worst too.

For those in boxing it’s not being over paranoid to be slow to trust people in the sport.

As the great Bernard Hopkins once said — it’s being about self aware and knowing your value.

All in all, on this split though, it’s a pretty strange turn of events as Sanchez and Golovkin and the whole ‘GGG’ team have been so tight over the years.

It is not totally uncommon when big fighters near the very end of their careers they can often split with managers, trainers and promoters and go it alone.

Perhaps they think, well, I’m near the end of my career now anyway so I can do things on my own.

On the whole Golovkin and Sanchez had a great run.

One to be proud of.