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Home » Roy Jones Rips Amir Khan For Quitting Against Terence Crawford

Roy Jones Rips Amir Khan For Quitting Against Terence Crawford

Hall of Fame fighter Roy Jones is the latest to come out swinging against Amir Khan following last weekend’s fight against Terence Crawford at Madison Square Garden.

Khan was stopped by pound for pound talent Crawford in round 6 following an accidental low blow where Khan spoke to his corner and chose not to continue due to the pain incurred.

Following the fight Khan even mentioned that he thought the fight was turning in his favor near the time of stoppage but he has faced an avalanche of criticism in the wake of last weekend’s bout in the Big Apple.

Roy Jones Jr knows plenty about taking on the best and being in big fights himself having become only the second man in boxing history to ever win a legitimate world title at middleweight and all the way up at heavyweight.

Like Khan, he moved up the weights and down the weights so is in as good a position as anyone to give his post-fight thoughts on what went down at the weekend.

Speaking to TMZ Jones said:

“Yes he quit. Yes Amir Khan quit. Man I love Amir. I love him for his heart. He did a lot things in the amateurs that I was really excited about. I think he’s a great fighter but when you quit nobody gets a pass, man.”

He later added:

“Amir I love you as a fighter. I respect you since you were an amateur fighter. Two weight classes, took on Canelo, you did a lot of beautiful things that showed you had courage. This time you ended up in a no-win situation and you refused to continue. Whether you knew the rule or didn’t know the rule, whatever the case may be, you stopped at a time and we know you could have given more. You didn’t give us the fans your all. So you have to apologize for that. Respect that. Be a man. Be honest for what you did and move forward.”

Khan now faces a few questions as to where he goes from here.

In terms of does he step back in there with a top tier welterweight again, take on Kell Brook in a long standing grudge match or possibly even retire.

The choice will ultimately come down to Khan and him alone.

Whatever he chooses to do, overall, he’s had an exceptional amateur and professional boxing career.

He’s being involved in many, many big and exciting fights and on the whole has shown a willingness to always fight the best.