Mayweather Boxing Gym Debate If Amir Khan Quit Against Terence Crawford

Mayweather Boxing Gym Debate If Amir Khan Quit Against Terence Crawford

The talk since the past weekend’s big fight in New York surrounds if UK boxing star Amir Khan quit in his fight against Terence Crawford or not.

Khan ultimately suffered an accidental low blow from pound for pound star Crawford on route to being stopped in round 6.

He appeared to speak to his corner before making the decision not to carry on following the low blow.

Big name fighters like Roy Jones have come out in criticism against Khan as have many boxing fans in the aftermath of what happened.

Ultimately, using the word ‘quit’ against anyone brave enough to get into the ring in the first place is perhaps a little harsh.

But then again boxing fans are known for being an unrelenting bunch.

The world famous Mayweather boxing gym (hat tip Mayweather Boxing YouTube channel below) have been debating on whether or not they thought he quit in the fight.

The consensus seems to be rather unanimous:

As for the Mayweather boxing gym above, head proprietor Floyd Maywearther recently announced that he is opening up his own fitness gyms nationwide.

It came as pretty disappointing news to those in the boxing fraternity who he had kept waiting on a big announcement only for it to be nothing of any note in the end.

As for Amir Khan, he’s still a big name in the sport of boxing but one wonders how much he has left at this point in his pro career.

It has been a long one in fairness.

Full of wars and moving up and down in weights.

Not to mention a professional boxing tenure with plenty of heavy knockdowns incurred.

That being said, he’s won world titles and done more than most in his career.

As well as making plenty of money to save in the bank for retirement.

Outside of a Kell Brook fight it’s hard to see what’s left for him to do at this point.

Whatever he decides to do its been a fun career to watch.