Watch: Shields and Hammer Share Tense Face Off

Shields and Hammer Share Tense Final Press Conference Face Off

A luncheon took place a short time ago ahead of Saturday’s middleweight women’s unification bout at the Boardwalk in Atlantic city.

Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer will not only be fighting for all four belts on Saturday night but also for a chance to put women’s boxing on the map in arguably the most significant fight ever for professional female boxing.

While women’s boxing is only now starting to get popular, Saturday night will go along way to showing that when it comes to the highest level of the sport it’s not just women’s boxing — but two elite level fighters regardless of their gender that are worth paying to watch.

These two most certainly are, without doubt. They’ve trained ferociously and possess exciting fight styles between them.

The tension was clear for all to see moments ago and cut be cut with a knife:

(Hat top Hit First Boxing YouTube)

The fight this weekend represents the only competitive match up to look forward to really — with the men’s action this weekend seeing heavy favorites expecting to win easily across the board.

Shields is only a slight favorite in this bout however, as many feel Hammer could be a step too far for the double Olympic Gold medallist from Flint.

On Saturday night live on Showtime all shall be revealed.