Pacquiao Drops A Hint About A Mayweather Rematch

Pacquiao Drops A Hint About A Mayweather Rematch

You know, when you think about this whole thing from a common sense perspective for a second — this whole Mayweather vs Pacquiao rematch talk that is.

It’s not very hard to work out at all.

The only reason Pacquiao signed with fellow Mayweather adviser and manager Al Haymon (of Premier Boxing Champions) last year in the first place was to get the Mayweather rematch of course.

Why else would he have?

Even at this stage, it’s by far the biggest pay day out there for both guys and the subtle, and rather not so subtle hints they’ve been dropping about a part two all this while can’t just be a co-incidence.

Pacquiao today posted a very short clip on Instagram of toy action figures of both he and Mayweather fighting one another.

It’s not very hard to read between the lines here.

PacMan wants that loss off his record in his heart of hearts. No doubt about it.

Plus the cash of course.

But as ever the decision will come down to good old Floyd.

If Pacquiao can’t get the rematch he can’t get it though, and will likely take on Keith Thurman next up later this summer regardless of rematch negotiations with his old buddy from America Floyd Mayweather.