Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum has once again taken shots at his good friend and business rival Al Haymon who runs television series Premier Boxing Champions.

While Haymon doesn’t speak in the public, Arum is quite the opposite and moreover, he doesn’t mind speaking about Haymon to the media about him.

To put it lightly.

He’s called him some disgusting names in recent times on a personal level and is now coming up with a new theory on what he is doing for himself and his organization Premier Boxing Champions.

Speaking to the media in an open press scrum Arum now believes he knows what is going on with Haymon and PBC:

“I think he definitely is (Haymon is holding back his fighters). There’s no question about it. (Al) Haymon has a different business model. I think he wants to keep all his fighters not defeated within his little category (Premier Boxing Champions) because he’s looking to bail out and sell his company (Premier Boxing Champions) because this financial model for him isn’t working. So I think everything with Haymon is to keep the guys in the fold. Not have them beaten by Crawford and so forth and therefore try to get the most money he can for his company which I understand is on the block (about to go out of business).”

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