Sergey Kovalev Gives His Idea For An 8 Man Light Heavyweight Tournament

Light-heavyweight knockout artist Sergey Kovalev from Russia is thought to be in advanced negotiations at the moment to secure a fight with the UK’s Anthony Yarde next up.

Nothing is confirmed just yet in writing but all indications are that the fight looks very likely next up for both men.

Kovalev has been one of the leading figures at 175lbs for many a year and has entertained fans for years now with his knockouts and exciting fight style.

If he had his way he’d love to see a tournament between the following top eight light-heavyweights in his view (hat tip Michael Benson Twitter):

That would be a pretty exciting tournament know doubt.

Fair play on this, Sergey.

No doubt a future in boxing promotion awaits him when he is retired.

He clearly has a knack for what fight fans want to see judging by the response to the above so far.