Tyson Fury makes his Vegas debut on June 15th against Tom Schwarz as the first part of a new deal with ESPN.

A huge deal indeed, but one at the moment that appears to make Fury’s fights exclusive on the network for a while — which means big fights against Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua might be a tad harder to make.

In theory.

While boxing fans demand the big fights all the time it is perhaps hard to get them every single time out and one renowned commentator and coach in the sport, Teddy Atlas, believes this is to be expected for Fury as the first fight of his new ESPN deal.

Speaking on his podcast ‘The Fight with Teddy Atlas’ Atlas said:

“He’s (Fury) been overpaid. Even though he’s fighting a guy (Tom Schwarz) who’s 24-0 and it looks good, and it has to look good as you have to put forward a reason to watch it, right? But if you look at the guys who Schwarz has beaten, I think I knew one of them. He was a neighbor of mine. He was a good guy. He used to always shovel the sidewalks for people when it snowed. Now he deserves his pay day. Just for that. Just for being that kind of human being. He does. I digress. But the point is made. Fury is getting the first one out of the box. I think he’s being overpaid. So be it. This is where we live now. Right?”

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