Teddy Atlas Breaks Down The Difference Between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford

Teddy Atlas Breaks Down The Difference Between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford

The world of boxing continues to demand a clash between two of its best pound for pound fighting sons today — Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford.

They both compete in the same weight class (welterweight), are both undefeated and are world champions.

They are also in their prime, so all things considering — a fight between the two logically is one of the best fights out there.

But logic and boxing seldom go hand and hand when it comes to making big fights and due to boxing politics it could be next year at the earliest before we see it.

For the mean time, people are speculating like hell about how it would go and well known pundit Teddy Atlas has given an interesting technical breakdown when comparing the two fighters.

Speaking on his podcast The Fight with Teddy Atlas the renowned trainer and commentator said:

“They both have different styles but they both have talent and they are both undefeated and they are both very confident fighters, special fighters.”

He added:

“Where the difference starts to come a little bit again is the size. That no doubt Spence is the naturally bigger guy but this time he’s the naturally the bigger guy unlike against (Mikey) Garcia, Crawford can match him in these other categories as far as intellect, as far as versatility.”

He continued:

“It’s not just a bigger guy against a smaller guy but a smaller guy who is just as good at him in a lot of categories.”

On Spence Jr, Atlas noted:

“Spence approaches it where he is going to walk forward but he also has that dimension where he can step back and box, he does have that dimension to him. That’s what makes him special.”

On Crawford Atlas said:

“Crawford is long. He’s got the body frame for that to move up (in weight). He’s got the reach. He wants to control the outside from lefty or righty. He wants to charge you real estate (make you pay for mistakes).”

Spence is linked with a fight against Shawn Porter next while Crawford takes on Amir Khan later this month.