George Foreman Reveals Who He Believes The Best Puncher In Boxing To Be

George Foreman Reveals Who He Thinks The Best Puncher In Boxing Is

It is more than safe to say former heavyweight champion of the world George Foreman knows a thing or two about punching hard.

In many ways during his career Foreman really only ever had one plan when he stepped into that ring.

To complete destroy his opponent by any means possible as quickly as he could.

His sheer punching power and aggression was enough to plough through some of the baddest men on the planet for many a year and saw him (to this day) become the oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history.

One uppercut he hit Joe Frazier with literally lifted for former heavyweight champion into the air.

When it comes to modern day punchers in the sport Foreman believes current Mexican boxing star Canelo Alvarez to be the best:

Alvarez takes on Danny Jacobs next month in Las Vegas in what promises to be an absolute war of a middleweight title fight.

Many seems to be looking past Jacobs but make no mistake, he has every chance against Canelo and has an iron chin for taking, if he needs to, some of those crisp punches as Foreman describes above.

For a quick stroll down memory lane on just how good a puncher Foreman was himself this video by Reznick tells you everything you need to know — aptly titled ‘Monster’: