Filipino boxing legend and Senator Manny Pacquiao is a busy man at the moment between signing new deals in the last few months in his own career and everything else but he’s giving plenty of time to his family too.

It would appear his son is set to be the next boxer in the family when pops retires in the coming years.

Over the last year or so various videos of Pacquiao’s son in sparring and in an amateur contest have surfaced but it seems that junior is really sticking with it now as he possibly looks to take his training up a notch with none other than his eight-weight division father giving him technique instruction.

This video on Pacquiao’s Twitter page shows the Filipino icon passing on some of the fundamentals and basics to his son:

Hit and don’t be hit is indeed the name of the game.

As for PacMan himself, in recent days he signed a new deal with Japanese fight promotion RIZIN amid ongoing speculation that a rematch with rival Floyd Mayweather could take place later this year.

Mayweather fought on Japanese promotion RIZIN for the first time himself in a boxing exhibition last New Year’s Eve just gone.

Pacquiao has also been strongly linked with a fight against Keith Thurman in the welterweight division.

Expect news soon.

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