Mayweather Arrives In The Philippines As Pacquiao 2019 Rematch Looms

Mayweather Reacts To Pacquiao and China's Wealthiest Man's Challenge

It is being reported by Filipino media that former pound for pound number one boxer Floyd Mayweather arrived in the Philippines on Sunday morning.

While talks about a possible rematch with Manny Pacquiao had cooled in recent months many people, including this writer, didn’t buy that it was off.

Ultimately, Pacquiao signed with Mayweather’s adviser Al Haymon for a reason — to make a rematch.

Granted, Floyd could easily be on vacation at the moment as part of his usual world travels but there’s just too much coincidental things that have happened in recent times to make me think that a rematch won’t happen.

Sure, both guys are out of their primes but they still possess enough ring craft, skill, star power and physicality to make somewhat of an entertaining spectacle.

In many ways they owe it to the fans after what was a less than impressive outing back in 2015.

A rematch between the two can only be better than that night of garbage, which, although was a boxing masterclass by Floyd in parts, still didn’t live up anywhere near to the tag it was billed as beforehand as the ‘Fight of the Century’.

When the dust clears and everything settles I’m still convinced we’ll see a rematch between these two old fellas before the end of 2019.

It still generates a shed load of cash and interest.

No matter what anyone says.