Fight Purses Continue To Explode For Boxers In America - Boxing News and Views

Fight Purses Continue To Explode For Boxers In America

Fight Purses Continue To Explode For Boxers In America

The sport of boxing, specifically in the United States, continues to grow at a massive rate at present.

New platforms and networks showing the sport more than ever before, coupled with a desire to put on the fights that fans want to see (for the most part) has seen an explosion in growth in the professional boxing industry.

Not long ago this trend was kicked off in the UK who in the recent past had 13 world champions at one time.

The UK was the kingpin in world boxing at the time. The buzz of big fights taking place week in week out was immense.

But like everything in life — things change.

The likes of Anthony Joshua (and his promoter Eddie Hearn to be fair) obviously had a huge part to play in the growth of the sport in the UK which ultimately has now spread back over the pond back to America once again.

History has a funny way of repeating itself sometimes in certain industries.

Joshua now makes his American debut on June 1st as America once again regains its hold as the capital of world boxing but when you look at what’s going on now — timing has had a crucial part to play in everything that has lead up to this point.

The timing of the heavyweight division capturing the world’s imagination again had a big part to play, surely.

Namely last December when Tyson Fury got back up from a punch that only God knows how he did in round 12 against WBC champion Deontay Wilder.

That night coupled with the timing of renewed resources, energy and new players in the market showing boxing to the general public on a wide scale again has resulted in some of the highest fight purses ever seen in the professional boxing history.

Now is the best time ever to be a pro fighter if you’re established and fighting for or near enough to challenging for a world title.

The money that is on offer in the States is off the charts, which, is a great thing.

Boxers deserve every penny they get.

They literally put their lives on the line every time they go to work for the entertainment of the general public and a hope to improve their and their loved one’s lives.

How long this spending madness can last though time will only tell.

As long as the spending goes hand in hand with making the big fights that people want to see, it perhaps it not unreasonable to assume boxing won’t find itself in a situation where people have chucked money at the wall and hoped some of it sticks.

No, no, on the contrary.

If the big fights are made coupled with the current rate of investment into the sport boxing it will have most definitely grown the sport back to its place withing the pantheon mainstream of sports culture once again.

One of the premier sports in the world today, once more.

Money and matchmaking — a potent combination for boxing if the balance can be harmoniously achieved.

If 2019 could see one undisputed heavyweight champion by the end of it or, if at the very least, a fight involving a combination of either Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder or Anthony Joshua against once another — who knows how far boxing can really go in 2020 and beyond.