Bernard Hopkins Warns Boxers About Going Vegan

Bernard Hopkins Warns Boxers About Going Vegan

Former middleweight kingpin Bernard Hopkins is known as perhaps the most accomplished boxer for his lifestyle specifically in boxing history.

His discipline and healthy lifestyle allowed him to box on into his early 50’s and even win a world title at his advanced years.

Records that may perhaps never be broken in truth.

It’s little wonder why the last nickname in his boxing carer was ‘The Alien’.

When it comes to nutrition and eating the right foods Hopkins stands at the top of the mountain perhaps out of any fighter in boxing history.

Nowadays he’s a promoter at Golden Boy Boxing — helping the next generation of sweet science stars come through in America.

However when it comes to being a Vegas, which he is these days, it isn’t for everyone he says.

Recently he caught up with TMZ who he told that he would not advocate his new Vegan lifestyle to fighters who are still active in their careers:

“Hell no. No. Not while you’re fighting, not while you’re active putting a strain on your body because it’s too much. Because I know how I felt when I first started. The first six months were like wait a minute, do I really want to do this? Then I started getting educated more on what to eat – the proteins and so on.”

He went on to say that he’s a Vegan for life now but does admit he misses: