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Former heavyweight Mitch Green once shared the ring with former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson back in the day.

He lost that fight in the ring and he also lost a street fight to Tyson too one time in New York.

It is something that has been talked about a lot over the years but for the first time Tyson has gone into the full vicious details of what really took place that night in New York.

Speaking on his podcast ‘Hot Boxing With Mike Tyson’, Tyson said:

“He started talking and saying what the fuck you doing in my hood n*****? The it was on from there.”

He continued:

“Right in the street (we fought). (It was) Real quick. He was just talking a lot and I really thought he was grabbing for my pockets so I pulled my pockets out because if he ripped my pants all the money would fall and I wouldn’t have a chance to get my money so I’d have to fight this cat right and then my money is to the wolves. So anyway, that’s just when I started punching him. I dropped him a couple of times but he was high on angel dust so he kept getting back up! Just like Friday the 13th fucking Michael Myers s***! Boom I knock him out cold! *Then) He keeps getting back up. I’m like, f***!”

On how it concluded he said:

“Then I’m in the car. He rushes to my car in my Rolls Royce, he breaks the side mirror off. I got out of the car. I went out of the car and I said, excuse me one minute. I hit Mitch and Mitch went down and he bent over and I grabbed his head and I hit him one time and his head hit the floor. The concrete. Boom! And that’s when he was out (cold). I got scared because he didn’t move anymore when his head hit the concrete and that’s when I just ran and got in the car and thought, lets get the f*** out of here. I thought I killed him I was so scared. I was so happy the next day in the papers they showed his eye (injury) because I knew he wasn’t dead then.”

Wow, another extreme tale from the life and times of Mike Tyson.

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