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Mike Tyson was once known as the ‘Baddest Man On The Planet’ during his boxing career.

A man who still to this day is the youngest ever heavyweight champion of the world in boxing history and one of the most prolific punchers that perhaps ever lived.

His youngest heavyweight champion in history achievement is an incredible feat really.

Particularly when you consider who much bigger, stronger and more powerful heavyweights are today.

On top of that in general, how more quickly fighters are being put into world title fights in the modern boxing era compared to the past.

During his career Tyson was previously convicted of rape in something he still protests his innocence in to this day and that largely, society acknowledges was something he never did.

A good lawyer friend of mine once told me that the Tyson trial to this day is still something studied by the law fraternity as an example of someone getting totally screwed.

But the past is the past and Tyson paid his debt to society.

Nowadays he’s a successful cannabis entrepreneur as well as hosting an already booming podcast ‘Hot Boxing With Mike Tyson’.

Mike Tyson Opens Up About Prison Fight

Speaking on his podcast recently for the first time he admitted that he did in fact have one fight in prison during his time inside saying:

“Just one time (I had to put punch someone in prison). Somebody said something and I just went over there and hit him. No, we were locked down for a a long time and it was just something that was irritable and I went over there and hit him. We were locked down. We couldn’t go to the gym. Somebody got stabbed or something and we were locked down. I was just upset and miserable.”

Why anyone would want to throw hands with Mike Tyson inside prison or on the streets for that matter is perhaps beyond the reasonable comprehension of most sane individuals.

It’s only ever going to end one way.

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