Sugar Ray Leonard Tells Mikey Garcia What Is Key Against Errol Spence

Sugar Ray Leonard Tells Mikey Garcia What Is Key Against Errol Spence

A lot has been made about the difficulty Mikey Garcia will face in moving up two whole weight categories later this month when he challenges IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence.

A good big man usually beats a good little man if boxing history is anything to go by, but to be fair, there have been some occasions where an outstanding little man beats a good big man too.

The main disadvantage Garcia will obviously have will be in the strength and power departments.

Spence is known as a fighter who takes his time and patiently breaks his opponents down not just with his phenomenal skill set and boxing IQ but also his freakish strength and power at 147lbs too.

Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard believes Garcia can win however when speaking to the media in an open scrum this week:

“Can he (Garcia) win that fight? Yes.”

On what he should be concentrating on, Leonard added:

“I moved up in weight some times (in my career). The difference is guys are stronger, bigger and hit harder and what have you. When I did that I tried not to be heavy but maintain my speed. (You don’t need to) necessarily adjust your style. Be the fighter that you are and utilze that. For me — speed has always been essential.”

Garcia certainly should have somewhat of a speed advantage.

An incredibly quick fighter at lightweight, if he keeps this speed of foot and hand when moving up to welterweight it could pose an awful lot of problems for Spence.

The fight takes place on March 16th this month in Texas.