Tyson Fury Rubs It In On Deontay Wilder Following Rematch Talks Collapsing

The rematch between Fury and Wilder isn’t happening next up at least to the disappointment of boxing fans following a thrilling encounter between the two in December.

But the war of words between the two continues to rage on.

The fall out of the talks and subsequent signing of Tyson Fury with ESPN cheesed Wilder off big time.

Understandably so.

By all accounts, the deal for the rematch was near completion when Fury signed a massive deal with ESPN.

One which to be fair is a great deal for him.

Not so great however for those wanting to see him fight Wilder or even Anthony Joshua with all three of the top heavyweights in the world now temporarily aligned with different networks.

Fury has continued to hit back at Wilder on social media following the talks collapsing:

The term ‘dosser’ has taken on a life of its own since Fury largely popularized it around the world last year with his unique vernacular.

Realistically, boxing fans probably won’t see either Wilder, Fury or Joshua in competitive fights next up at all.

Anthony Joshua is heavily favored to take out fringe contender Jarrell Miller from New York in his next contest on June 1st.

Wilder could end up fighting someone like Dominic Breazeale or Dillian Whyte next, with the latter been the closest to a competitive fight on balance.

Although there is a lot of grudge there too between Wilder and Breazeale from events of the past so that could make for somewhat an entertaining fight.

As for Fury next up, who knows.

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