Trainers in professional boxing are probably the single most important person to a boxer out of an entire team around them.

The right combination can be a potent force over time that can lead a fighter all the way to the championship of the world, ultimately.

The wrong combination can be highly detrimental for a fighter and cause a career to stagnate in a professional tenure that’s a very short one anyway.

In comparison to most professions in life that is.

Oscar De La Hoya became the biggest boxing star of his generation at one point in the ring.

Winning world titles in a host of weight classes.

Speaking on social media he admitted that it is the father of his arch nemesis, Floyd Mayweather, who was the best trainer he ever had:

Fair play to De La Hoya.

Despite the obvious grudge he has with Mayweather junior this never blinkered his opinion of his father Mayweather senior.

A big compliment considering De La Hoya also trained under the great Freddie Roach at one point.

Likewise, credit to senior too — who said other than his son De La Hoya was the best fighter he ever trained:

Floyd Mayweather senior is now a retired fighter who still trains some fighters on a more part-time basis.

De La Hoya at this time is currently a promoter of his Golden Boy Promotions.

He recently signed one of the biggest deals in sports for his star fighter Canelo Alvarez who joined streaming service DAZN.

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