A lot can change it would seem in just a few days in the boxing world.

Currently it is understood that a Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury rematch is still being negotiated but many have expressed concerns of how it will happen now given the news today that Tyson Fury has signed with ESPN.

Wilder is affiliated with Showtime so a new obstacle (potentially) to the rematch happening has been put in front of the fight.

Speaking to Tha Boxing Voice, Wilder has now reacted to today’s big news in boxing by saying:

Very interesting stuff.

While many were quick to lose their marbles today following the news of Fury going to ESPN, Wilder speaks some sense above and shows a level of calm, logic and rational that should be used here.

Ultimately, all these fighters have specific contracts or in the case of Wilder, none that ties him to a network as it turns out.

No one knows what these contracts have but from the outside it looks like Fury is now exclusive to ESPN at least today.

Anything is possible just yet and if a fight is big enough and two of the three fighters being talked about really want the fight, the fight will happen.

They usually always do.

All in good time.