Lineal heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury shocked the boxing world yesterday when he announced he had joined forces with ESPN to have his fights shown exclusively across their platforms in the US moving forward.

Immediately, this brought up concerns from some that the Deontay Wilder rematch would be harder to make given Wilder is with Showtime in the US.

Not the case however.

Wilder since came out and said he’s a free agent for his fights on a fight by fight basis.

Likely, the fight between the two might not happen until later in the year now and ESPN will look to build it into something huge later in the year.

When the question was posed to Fury if he still wants to Wilder rematch following the ESPN news, he replied:

Listen, if I didn’t want to fight him I wouldn’t have took it in the first place. As far as I’m concerned the fight is more make able now than ever because we have the biggest boys in the game behind us. I’m only a fighter. I can only fight who they put in front of me. I want the biggest fights — the Joshua’s and the Wilder’s of the world too.”

He added:

“If you’re watching Deontay I’m coming for you baby! And this time you can’t rip me off.”

At this time negotiations for the Wilder vs Fury rematch are still ongoing with purse bids looming if an agreement cannot be reached soon.

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