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Whyte Reveals Contract Clause Joshua Wanted That Caused Talks To Collapse

Heavyweight contender Dillian Whyte looks poised to announce a fight against either Alexander Povetkin or Dominic Breazeale next up most likely on April 20th at the 02 Arena in London.

But not long ago he was in line for a huge second fight with world champion Anthony Joshua who is promoted by the same promoter as Whyte — Eddie Hearn / Matchroom.

Whyte has been vocal about not been happy with offers for the fight in recent weeks but he’s now revealed the exact clause that caused talks to fall apart for a possible second fight on April 13th at Wembley.

Speaking with Johnny Nelson on Sky Sports Whyte said:

“One of the main things was the rematch (a potential third fight between the two). He wanted a lion share of the (purse split in the) rematch (even if I won). If I beat him he wanted the major slice (in the rematch — a possible third fight in total). It doesn’t make no sense. I said — I’m not doing that. (Then) I said okay, I’ll take the offer you guys are giving me with no rematch. They said no. Then I said okay, I’ll take the offer but I want the reverse split in the rematch so whatever you are giving me now – I beat him and I do the same in the rematch (to him). And they didn’t want that at all.”

He later added:

“In the end, I think they improved it to 50-50 on the rematch (if I were to beat Joshua) and I’m like well, no. 50-50 doesn’t work because of the deal you’re giving me on this side of the offer.”

Usually in a rematch clause the winner of the first fight would get the bigger split in the rematch if he wins the first fight beforehand so it’s understandable to see where Whyte is coming from to an extent.

Fair play to Whyte on being so open and transparent in these negotiations — an insight into the business side into how some of these big fights at least in the UK are structured and haggled for by fighters.

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