Teddy Atlas Blasts Deontay Wilder’s Punching Technique

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Respected boxing coach and analyst Teddy Atlas has been vocal in his criticism of fellow American and WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder since his draw with Tyson Fury back in December.

Many, including Atlas, believed Fury deserved to win the fight but Atlas who is known for being vocal in his opinions on questionable judging decision in boxing has said that while he thought Fury deserved to win the fight that he’s ‘seen worse’ decisions in boxing.

Speaking on his new podcast, Atlas specifically narrowed in on what in his view were some of Wilder’s technical shortcomings exhibited (in his opinion) in the bout:

“He (Fury) was maybe thinking about whether or not it was worth getting up and he got up and that’s all that matters (in round 12).”

On how Fury getting up in round 12 is a metaphor for ordinary people getting back in life, Atlas said:

“I’m saying to you that when you’ve gone through things in your life that you’ve thought about not getting up — there’s still time to get up.”

On the fight itself — Atlas was critical of Wilder’s punching technique:

“He (Fury) didn’t do anything extraordinary. He boxed! He did what boxers are supposed to do! Wilder is the one that is doing something extraordinary. Other than punching. He’s throwing punches from left field, from North pole, from South central, from behind you — he’s throwing punches from all kind of places, falling out of position — all the kind of things that the sweet science isn’t supposed to be!”

He added:

“He (Fury) exposed Wilder. Top of the list. Number one. He exposed the guy that he ain’t that good.”

No doubt Wilder will have a thing to say about that when the rematch is made later this year.