Teddy Atlas Brutally Honest About Adrien Broner’s Performance Vs Pacquiao

Teddy Atlas Brutally Honest About Adrien Broner's Performance Vs Pacquiao

The four-weight world champion lost a unanimous points decision to Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas recently and many are wondering where ‘AB’ will go from here.

He’s still relatively young and in the grand scheme of things he’ll probably get another big opportunity.

That isn’t probably right either, given the way he promotes fights in a distasteful but still sell-able way, but is he really a force anymore at the top level in boxing?

Many certainly don’t think so when it comes to the welterweight division at least.

Speaking on his new podcast ESPN’s Teddy Atlas was frank about what he saw from Broner:

“For me, Pacquiao was the only guy fighting that night. For me the other guy (Broner) was just surviving.”

He added:

“His (Broner’s) commitment was to surviving. His commitment was to getting through it. To getting paid. But not to winning. There was only one guy you could see who’s soul purpose was in there to win (Pacquiao). If you saw anything different you know what I’d like you to go to an optometrist and then after you do that, once we know you got 20/20’s — explain it to me.”

It’s hard to disagree with Atlas really.

As for Broner, it’s hard to see what meaningful fights he can win at welterweight moving forward.

Perhaps a move back down to super-lightweight or even lightweight would give him a better chance of becoming any sort of force in the sport again.