Andre Ward Gives Assessment Of What He Saw In Pacquiao vs Broner

Andre Ward Gives Assessment Of What He Saw In Pacquiao vs Broner

Manny Pacquiao recently recorded a comfortable unanimous points decision win over Adrien Broner in a bout that took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Ultimately it was a fight Pacquiao was expected to win and fighting at the age of 40 against a boxer 11 years his junior, most were impressed with the performance of the now older ‘PacMan’.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Ward said:

“Not a lot (of slippage I saw from him). Pacquiao is still a combination puncher. He just can’t sustain it the way that he did in his prime. But he still lets them loose man. They’ve still got some steam on them. But you could see Pacquiao fall off at certain parts of the fight conditioning wise. Pacquiao was never a defensive genius so that wasn’t really something that stood out.”

He added:

“Later in the fight he kind of faded a bit but really man at his age and the high volume puncher that he is he’s still got a lot left.”

He concluded:

“Generally speaking, he’s got a lot left. I was impressed.”

While Pacquiao is no longer in his prime he’s demonstrated in his last two fights at least that he can mix it still at a high level in the welterweight division.

Ultimately he wants the Floyd Mayweather rematch but whether or not it happens appears to be in Mayweather’s court as it were.