Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren’s Warrington vs Galahad Purse Bids Revealed

Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren's Warrington vs Galahad Purse Bids Revealed

Rival boxing promoters Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn have gone head to head in their first purse bid battle of the year for fighters promoted by them in a world title fight.

Leeds’ world champion Josh Warrington is set to defend his title next against Kid Galahad and the bout had to go to purse bids due the promoters being unable to come to an agreement on the fight.

Reporter Michael Benson has revealed what the purse bids were:

Not a million miles off from one another in terms of the bids but a big win for Warrington and Warren when you considered he’ll make nearly double in his guaranteed fight purse.

An intriguing fight ahead, too.

No location or date has been mentioned as of yet but it will be a bout that sees two undefeated fighters and big domestic rivals in the UK do battle on the world scene.

Josh Warrington continues to prove himself as one of the best fighters fighting out of the UK at the moment after a huge 2018 campaign.