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Anthony Joshua’s First Fight Of 2019 Turning Into A Mess

Anthony Joshua's First Fight Of 2019 Turning Into A Mess

Heavyweight boxing is perhaps in the best place it has been in for over a decade with boxing fans genuinely interested in boxing’s once glamor division once again.

The division has three clear top operators fighting it out at the top to see who’s best – Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder.

Dillian Whyte you could say is fourth after these three.

Belts aside, most fans just want to see these top three guys fight it out though as they are recognised as the best and really, belts in this particular scenario are only important when one of the above unifies them all.

I think if you pressed boxing fans on whether they care about the belts any of the above three hold they probably wouldn’t care much and would rather just see them fight at this stage.

Fury and Wilder have done so for their part already to be fair and are now set to rematch either in late April or in May.

Anthony Joshua however continues to find it difficult to land an opponent and by all accounts his April 13th Wembley date has been scrapped as we’re in February now and there just isn’t enough time between then and now left to get ready for the date or promote it.

Dillian Whyte and Jarrell Miller are still thought to be the two front runners to fight Joshua next but it’s not even certain that either will take the fight with him.

Jarrell Miller probably won’t create too much buzz but at least it will give Joshua an opportunity to box in the US and dip his toes in the American market.

At the moment though everything is still up in the air.