Mike Tyson during his boxing career was considered one of the biggest punchers for his time.

Perhaps one of the hardest hitting men that ever lived all things considering.

His knockouts make for a highlight reel worth of viewing if you simply type his name into Google or YouTube.

In today’s times, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is considered one of the biggest punchers around.

A match between Tyson and Wilder would have perhaps been one of the most violent boxing matches ever recorded when you think about it.

When Tyson was asked about Wilder’s punching power in his last fight against Tyson Fury on the Joe Rogan podcast, the youngest heavyweight champion in history replied:

“It’s good stuff but how incredible is Tyson’s (Fury) jaw?”

Spot on, Mike.

Ever the student of the game.

Even to this day, Mike Tyson’s insight into boxing is as good as it gets really.

As for Wilder vs Fury — one suspects that the rematch will be signed soon after it was ordered by the WBC with purse bids coming up in the near future if both teams are unable to reach an agreement.