Carl Frampton Says What Everyone Is Thinking About Pacquiao vs Broner

Boxer Carl ‘The Jackal’ Frampton is known for being one of the most witty and sharp speaking professional boxers out there.

Suffice to say, his humility coupled with his frankness and candid way of putting things has won him a lot of fans over the years.

Tonight’s big fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Showtime pay per view between Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner has a common story line in big fights of the past.

One boxer is a perceived good guy there other is a perceived bad guy.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out which is which and perhaps Frampton is only saying what the majority are thinking ahead of tonight’s matchup:

Obviously Broner will have his own supporters too.

Including his family and friends of course but in the grand scheme of things as Frampton points out — there will be a lot more routing for Pacquiao purely for his charm and good nature if anything else.

People always need a perceived hero and a villain in sports like boxing.

Sports that are essentially Shakespearean drama and hype in their build-up before the brutal reality of what they really are takes over when the first bell goes.