To think Anthony Joshua is afraid of any of his heavyweight rivals or is ducking them would be a bit naive.

He’s a fighter at the end of the day.

He wants to take on the best out there and prove himself as a great heavyweight champion of this particular era.

He’s also a prize fighter and he knows the two biggest pay days by far will come against Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

Both fights could easily generate over one hundred million dollars each and that’s being very conservative too.

More importantly, they’d grow the sport of boxing and pending on what kind of fights they are — you could have a rematch or trilogy with either.

Joshua appears to be getting a little frustrated with it all and has had a bit of joke at the expense of his rivals with this rap video:

Time will tell who is next opponent will be but the more and more time goes on the more April 13th at Wembley stadium looks like it’s falling apart and the more likely a Jarrell Miller fight in the US in May or June appears to be on the cards.