Not long to go now before Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner take centre stage in Las Vegas in what will be their final press conference ahead of Saturday night’s battle at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

While the WBA welterweight strap will be on the line something much more than that is at stake for both men.

For Pacquiao, a chance at a possible Floyd Mayweather rematch in the summer if he were to win.

A bout that could secure him between $50-$70 million dollars even at this advanced stage of both men’s athletic careers.

For Broner, a chance at redemption and a shot at the big time following a torrid few years outside the ring that saw a once promising career derailed to a destitute state of affairs.

In some ways it’s the classic young lion taking on the older one but the older one in Pacquiao doesn’t seem to be done just yet, to be fair.

A lot will revolve around what version of both fighters turn up on Saturday night in what promises to be an intriguing clash of styles between two men from completely different backgrounds with polar opposite personalities.

The folks at Showtime YouTube (hat tip) have made the Pacquiao vs Broner final presser live stream free for the public right here — enjoy: