The final Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner press conference took place a short time ago in Las Vegas.

Everything appeared to be going on track for the most part per the usual greetings and thank yous from the Commissions, promoters, sponsors and the casino.

Questions were fielded towards Pacquiao and Broner.

Nothing particularly out of the ordinary really.

Pacquiao mentioned he now knows how difficult it is to promote boxing events of this size having had to do so himself last time out against Lucas Matthysse last year in Matthysse.

But then, almost without warning, Showtime broadcaster Al Bernstein turned questions over to Adrien Broner as the conference was concluding which resulted in tirade of abuse back at him:

The press conference YouTube link literally got cut off mid Broner rant as everyone appeared to be baffled as to firstly what was going on and secondly, why it was happening.

Apparently it stemmed from some comments the Boxing Hall of Fame broadcaster had made about Broner on social media.

The two fighters faced off with one another with mics still cut off by Showtime who are the network carrying the event on Saturday in the US on pay per view.

Just when you think you’ve seen every wacky thing possible at a boxing press conference over the years, this was a new one to me at least in terms of the MC of an event getting personally attacked.