The youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history Mike Tyson was at one time considered the baddest man on the planet

And rightly so.

His ferocious fists tore through the heavyweight division in his younger days like a knife through butter.

Relentless combinations, speed, power and technique all in the one predicated on the Cus D’Amato philosophy of hitting and not getting hit behind the classic peekaboo guard made his prime while it lasted one of the most unique in boxing history.

A man who did it all and had it all very young.

Yes, Tyson installed fear in many of his opponents before his fights.

A man who knew the art of psychological warfare and as brutal as it sounds, the skulduggery needed at times to out wit and out smart some opponents in professional boxing before they ever stepped into the ring with him.

But these days Mike is a lot more laid back than those knockout days.

He’s become an actor and a popular public speaker and has done it all in the entertainment world really.

Tomorrow (Thursday January 17th, 2019) he’ll appear on world famous JRE, the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to talk about it all.

Touching on topics including everything to do with his life as well a new venture into the medical Marijuana world as the once recreational drug continues to be made legal in various parts of the United States and around the world at the moment.

But before that, he’s spoken on it and a number of other things on his brand new podcast (yes, Mike Tyson now has a podcast).

Here’s the very first episode in full — enjoy: