Promoter Eddie Hearn who does not promote either WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder or lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury but after today’s news that the rematch between the two has been ordered by the WBC next up — he’s gotten very excited about possibly getting involved in the fight.


Speaking today to Kugan Cassius Eddie took it upon himself to act on behalf of DAZN to say he’s going to bid for the fight on behalf of the network.

Despite not promoting either boxers at this time:

You have to admire his honesty at least — the cheeky chappy!

On a serious note though, he’s right in that there will be huge interest from broadcasters around the world for the fight.

What a fight it is, too.

Talks are still understood to be ongoing but I have a feeling the Wilder vs Fury rematch might end up in Las Vegas this summer.

As for Anthony Joshua, how the tables have turned in just one year publicity and fan perception-wise.

After the Wilder vs Fury rematch this year the winner could very well be the biggest star in world boxing later this year.

Both Wilder’s and Fury’s brands grew massively since their fight last month — a rematch will only get them out there more as the world falls back in love with the drama of heavyweight boxing once again.

You’d have to think Anthony Joshua is not particularly happy at the moment with his own promoter so passionately doing a u-turn in many things he’s said in the past and wanting to get involved with bidding for a fight between his two closest rivals:

Business is business at the end of the day.

If Eddie could get the winner of the fight against Joshua later in the year what a massive event that would be to see an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world once again.

As regards a new offer to Wilder and Fury per Michael Benson here’s what Hearn plans to offer both for AJ this April:

It’s all going off in the heavyweight division at the moment, it really is.

What a nutty but fun time for heavyweight boxing once again.