Adrien Broner was in his usual controversial form at the final Manny Pacquiao press conference today in Las Vegas.

At one point Floyd Mayweather’s name was brought up to which Broner said on stage:

“I just feel like ya’ll just trying to play me, for real. I don’t like that s*** because ya’ll keep on saying well, he’s (Pacquiao) going to fight Floyd again (after this fight). Well to my recognition Floyd is f****** retired man? Floyd just fought sixty seconds and got nine million (dollars) and I’m trying to fight Tom Brady fter I beat Pacquiao so I don’t want none of ya’ll having nothing to say about this s*** (laughs).”

Not long after that MC of the final presser and Showtime broadcaster Al Bernstein attempted to ask Broner a question and was fed a tirade of abuse for his trouble.

He then proceeded to try to ask Broner’s coach Kevin Cunningham a question to which Broner shut down his attempt by saying:

“Gang, gang.”

All in all, another nutty press conference in boxing to be chalked up in the books.

This weekend’s fight for the WBA title at 147lbs will be shown live on Showtime pay per view and will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.