Amir Khan announced his next fight this week as a challenge against WBO welterweight champion and pound for pound rated Terence Crawford on April 20th.

The venue will either be the MGM Grand in Vegas or MSG in New York and should be confirmed over the next week pending final negotiations for Anthony Joshua’s next heavyweight title fight which could fall near the same date.

Turning to this weekend’s big fight, Khan knows both Pacquiao and Broner well.

Particularly PacMan from a boxing context — having sparred many rounds with him as a former training partner at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood a few years back.

Speaking to Boxing Social on his thoughts on this weekend’s Pacquiao vs Broner fight he said:

“I think it’s a brilliant fight. I think Manny, I’ve been watching him training, I think if he fights the way he normally fights he can win this fight. I lean more towards Manny Pacquiao. But then again, Broner is one of these fighters who is very strong and know what to do on the inside and throws nice uppercuts and hooks. He’s still got speed as well. Is Manny going to capable of handling his speed and power and is he (Broner) going to be capable to handle Manny’s speed? I give it 60/40 (edge) to Pacquiao but it is going to be a good fight because we just don’t know what type of  Broner is going to turn up.”

The same can be said for Pacquiao, surely.

It a lot depends on what type of Pacquiao and Broner turn up this weekend which is what makes it such an intriguing matchup.

A crossroads fight for both guys’ careers on Saturday night in many ways.