Roy Jones Breaks Down Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner

Roy Jones Breaks Down Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner

Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr is in town this week for the Pacquiao vs Broner fight in Vegas as he has a French fighter on the card from his promotional company Roy Jones Promotions.

Jones recently signed a three-year deal with the UFC to have his boxing events shown on the UFC Fight Pass platform in conjunction with good friend of Roy’s and UFC President Dana White’s 2019 venture into the world boxing promotion.

Speaking to Fight Hub TV about this weekend’s Pacquiao vs Broner fight — Roy Jones said:

“Both guys are capable of winning this fight. What it will come down to is who wants it the most. Broner has a style that can adapt to anything. Pacquiao is a power puncher who also can make adjustments at any time necessary. So, whoever’s most focused will get the victory. Pay no attention to the 40 year old tag because if you watch Pacquiao in the prelims he still has really good legs. If you still have good legs you’re still an active fighter and a lot of your power comes from your legs.”

He added:

“If you look at past performances of course you give it to Pacquiao (the edge in the fight) because Pacquiao showed more in his performances. However with a guy like Broner suffers with a fighter that he doesn’t feel is on his level.”

He continued:

“Now he’s looking at Pacquiao then he’s thinking oh my God this is Pacquiao so he’ll get up (for the fight).”