Mike Tyson Set For Joe Rogan Podcast Debut

Mike Tyson Set For Joe Rogan Podcast Debut

For any fight fan who follows either boxing or mixed martial arts remotely you’ll be familiar with two of the above names synonymous not just with both sports — but popular 21st culture as a whole.

Mike Tyson is still to this day the youngest heavyweight champion in history and considered boxing royalty.

A man who’s story is perhaps as interesting as any professional athlete’s in history.

Joe Rogan operates one of the largest podcasts on Earth and in terms of telling the Mike Tyson story in a genuine, sincere, non corporate and down to Earth manner — there’s perhaps fewer better placed in the world to do so.

Good news has come for fans as Mike Tyson will sit down with Joe on his podcast this coming Thursday live on YouTube (January 17th, 2019).

People on social media are already going into a frenzy since the news broke.

Joe Rogan for those not familiar with him is a UFC color commentator and all round TV personality who originally shot to fame on ‘Fear Factor’.

He is also a popular stand up comedian in the United States and has had a host of some of the biggest names in popular culture on his renowned podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ over the years.

His podcast is perhaps in keeping with the trend in recent years to break corporate tradition in media and continues to go from strength to strength in terms of it’s numbers, content and loyal fan base.

His most recent podcast with Tyson Fury his last big boxing guest on the show and what turned out to be a memorable one: