Tyson Fury’s comeback story last year in boxing will live long into the memory not only of boxing fans but likely will be talked about by historians in a hundred years time.

Such was its gravity.

To overcome the mental anguish and sadness that he did, lose the weight that he did, to beat depression and substance issues, to comeback to the sport and even fight for a WBC heavyweight title in the first place after everything he went through over the years proved what a special creature the human being can be at times.

A creature of habit that has the propensity for change, to learn and break habits if he or she so desires it enough.

Even when things look like there is no way out and everything is piled against one in life there is something special inside the human spirit and resolve that can beat the odds every once in a while.

Personified every now and then by special individuals like Fury.

Fury inspired many people in 2018 and looking back on the year it’s understandable he’s posted the following.

Speaking on Instagram Fury delivered the following personal message in his own words:

“Well that was certainly a crazy ride! I want to thank you all which I can’t do enough because without the support from you guys I wouldn’t of been able to achieve what I have, and I don’t mean boxing, in life, you guys all helped me towards saving my life and I will always be grateful to you for that. 2018 was a special year, I hope I did you all proud. 
Wishing you all a happy new year.”

No doubt 2019 will see big things for Fury with a likely rematch against Deontay Wilder next up at the moment.