Manny Pacquiao has been training hard this holiday period ahead of his upcoming showdown with Adrien Broner on January 19th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

A fight that while Pacquiao is a favorite to win, one that he knows he can’t afford to take his eye off the ball in for one second in due to Broner renewing his focus for the sport and being the much younger fighter in the bout in the first place.

Moreover, there’s still also an added incentive on the line for Pacquiao of a possible Mayweather rematch if he were to win.

A pay day that could be worth $50 million or more to him still at this advanced stage of both he and Floyd’s athletic endeavours.

When Pacquiao heard of Mayweather’s exhibition bout stoppage win yeterday in Japan his reaction was caught on camera by the folks at Villainfy Media YouTube:

Fairly priceless indeed.

While both he and Floyd are now at the tail end of their boxing careers there is no denying that there is still enough interest in a rematch from casual sports fans to make it a financial viable proposition to both men.

Time will tell what happens next but first Pacquiao needs to concentrate on Broner for January 19th before he can even think about any other fight in 2019.