Since the whole Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa New Year’s Eve boxing exhibition that yes, was a farce in terms of it not being anywhere near competitive — many have claimed that it was a staged and fake fight all together.

The punches that the Japanese kick boxer / MMA fighter got hit with however proves to anyone who’s ever been around any level of boxing that it wasn’t fake however.

Out of the three knockdowns there was some confusion after the first knockdown but I knew from the shot that dropped him the second time that they were legit punches as you could actually hear them.

One chap online has gone a step further now to slow down the footage so you can hear the thuds of leather to face and head more clearly than ever for the first knockdown.

The one that many claimed was a fake one prompted the whole ‘fix’ conspiracy theory in some quarters:

We’re fans of facts and not conspiracy theories here on Boxing News and Views and the above acts as pretty solid proof in our view that the first knockdown was legitimate.

The subsequent knockdowns after the above are not really being disputed by many.

All in all, it was what it was.

A spectacle where Floyd turned up to collect a shed load of cash for minimal effort.

You can’t fault him for it.

If anyone was offered nine million dollars for a little over two minutes work in their heart of hearts they can’t see they’d turn it down either.