Dana White Renews His Bitter Hatred For Oscar De La Hoya During Holiday Season

UFC President Dana White and Golden Boy Promotions President Oscar De La Hoya clearly don’t get along.

That much is clear at this point.

The genuine hatred however appears to be more on White’s end for De La Hoya than the other way around.

Speaking after last night’s latest UFC event in LA, White reiterated to the world’s media what he thinks of the former boxing champion:

It all started with him saying don’t watch Mayweather vs McGregor – who does that? Then he basically lied about what we pay our fighters, what Chuck (Liddell) made, what Tito (Ortiz) made. He’s a liar and I called him out for being a piece of s*** and a liar basically.”

Recently De La Hoya had suggested the two settle their differences in a fight.

Don’t expect that anytime soon though.