Is Manny Pacquiao still in his prime?

No. Of course not.

But, and it’s a big but, this renewed passion for the sport that he’s had this year coupled with his experience still makes him a very dangerous and top level welterweight if he’s on his A-Game.

That’s what he appears to be looking to bring to his clash with Adrien Broner on January 19th too.

This video posted on his Instagram account shows some of the old Pacquiao hand speed and heavy thudding power is certainly still there:

While Pacquiao goes through the fire at the moment in sparring at the age of 40 he knows that rest will be key during this period too.

His body can’t take what it used to so expect the really hard training to come to an end in around one week’s time — with perhaps a slightly longer tapering down period of about 10 days out from the fight.

Training smarter as you get older he knows is just as important as anything at this stage.

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